Call for Scientific Session Proposals

The call for scientific session proposals is now open!

The next EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) will be held in Toulouse from 9 to 14 July 2018. ESOF is a biennial interdisciplinary general science meeting and the highlight of the European science calendar.

ESOF 2018 is constructed around the motto “Sharing science: towards new horizons”. Sharing science means bridging barriers between disciplines, communities and countries, making a link between generations, encouraging and welcoming citizen aspirations and initiatives, and being the anchor of a knowledge based society. 

Sessions will focus on current and future path-breaking science and its ways of producing and sharing knowledge and innovation. ESOF includes all disciplines. At ESOF, the word “science” is understood as encompassing the arts, social sciences and humanities as well as physical and life sciences, engineering and medicine. Science and technology are now embedded in a myriad of contexts, greatly affecting the everyday life of people across virtually every corner of the globe. Many of the universal challenges of all societies are now pervaded by science and technology. We take into consideration transversal themes such as risk, inequalities, gender and ethics in the proposal for sessions, inviting in particular interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approaches from the social sciences and the humanities.

The call for proposals for the Scientific Programme is now open until Friday 2nd June 2017,11:59 p.m CET. You can now submit your proposals through our online submissions platform

To find out more about the ESOF 2018 themes and how to submit a proposal, please click on the PDF files here below.

We encourage proposals from the Science community at large, within the academic sector and outside: corporate R&D, science media and communication, and also various social actors whose voice must be heard within the science debate.