Solidarity with Manchester

Ten months ago, Manchester was organising the 7th edition of the EuroScience Open Forum / ESOF 2016.

Today, the team of the next edition, ESOF Toulouse 2018, is very sad and wishes to express solidarity with the people from Manchester, touched yesterday evening by an horrible attack.

Now it’s time for sadness but hope remains for better days acknowledging that science, human intelligence and open mindness are key for a more human society.

New deadline for the Scientific Sessions call !

New deadline for the Call for Scientific sessions: 23 June 2017!

The call for proposals for the Scientific Programme is prolonged until Friday 23nd June 2017,11:59 p.m CET. You can submit your proposals through our online submissions platform.

We encourage proposals from the Science community at large, within the academic sector and outside: corporate R&D, science media and communication, and also various social actors whose voice must be heard within the science debate.

Make one or more proposals and take the opportunity to present your ideas, projects and expertise! ESOF 2018 will be a unique place for “sharing science”!

More information about the call

More information about the ESOF 2018 sessions topics

5th local meeting ESOF 2018 - What about Robots and Humans interactions?

The 5th Preparatory Meeting ESOF2018 “Robots and Humans, how do they cooperate?” took place in Toulouse, 12 May, as part of the Fablab Festival 2017. Highlights of a very rich and lively conference and state of the art about drones, health assistance robots and future of robotics.

March for Science

On April 22 2017 the March for Science is organised in many countries. Its spirit is in line with the objectives of ESOF: a vast reflexion on science and its place in society.

4th local meeting ESOF 2018 - Big data in health

The 4th meeting  took place on March 8, 2017 focusing on new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and health. It was organised around presentations and discussions on "Big Data in Health". Read more about the debate and this multidisciplinary discussion and the current and future challenges of "big data" in health !

Call for scientific session proposals is launched!

The call for proposals for the Science Programme is now open until Friday 2nd June 2017,11:59 p.m UCT/GMT.

3rd local meeting ESOF 2018

The 3rd meeting took place on 8 December in the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry around the theme "Research & innovation: key factors for the development of your company?" During this meeting, dedicated to the link between science and industry, personalities from the economic sector discussed the business opportunities offered by ESOF.