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Highlights of ESOF2008

The third edition of ESOF (Euroscience Open Forum) took place in the Research and Innovation Exhibition Centre, Barcelona, Spain.

During five days, between the 18th and the 22nd of July 2008, more than 4000 participants came to ESOF2008 which provided the platform for debate and communication around all scientific disciplines. ESOF2008 was a fantastic way to make scientists, business executives, politicians, policy makers, journalists and the general public meet in one place.

Scientists also had the chance to meet with personalities of the scientific world such as Nobel Prize winners such as Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry, 2004), Paul.J.Crutzen (Chemistry, 1995) and Richard.J.Roberts (Physiology, 1993).

Many attractive sessions were proposed to the various participants of ESOF2008 such as “Science and the terrorist challenge”, “Smart energy homes” or “Dolly for dinner?” among a varied Scientific Programme composed of 10 fascinating themes such as “Science and Art” and “The very big and the very small”.

Other features such as “Science meets Poetry” were highlighted. This was a superb opportunity to meet contemporary poets from all over Europe. The aim was to show that literature and science are not poles apart from each other.

The Career Programme proposed its fantastic “Tapas with the Prof” event at the Caixa Forum, Barcelona. Students met famous scientists and ate tapas in a casual atmosphere.

For more entertainement, a welcome reception was organised by the mayor of Barcelona. Other parties were organised such as the ESOF2008 party and the ESOF media party starting with an informal tapas style dinner, followed by the European Science Writer Award presented by Wilhelm Krull and finishing with a lot of dancing. To close the event and transfer the ESOF passion to the next organizing city, a transfer ceremony took place between Barcelona and Torino.

Finally, the city centre was a few steps away from the conference centre and offered its transports, entertainement, lodging and more. Barcelona was really the best candidate to welcome the third edition of ESOF.

For further information or for any access to the documents linked to ESOF2008, please contact the ESOF Hub at:


Find out more about ESOF2008. Read about Barcelona hosting Europe's largest inter-disciplinary science conference.

For further information or for any access to the documents linked to ESOF2008, please contact the ESOF Hub at:

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