ESOF 2012 Dublin

ESOF Dublin

The ESOF 2012 was hosted in Dublin from 11 to 15 July. Counting over 600 speakers, 27 keynote speakers and five Nobel Laureates, it was held in the Convention Center Dublin. ESOF 2012 attracted more than 4,500 participants and 400 journalists from over 70 countries. Its motto was "Your forum. Your future."

ESOF 2012 Dublin was locally organized by a steering committee of over 50 people representing the public sector, universities, research institutes as well as business and industry, under the stewardship of the Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, Professor Patrick Cunningham, who was also the Champion for ESOF 2012.
Dublin was also the European City of Science 2012, and hosted more than 160 science events throughout the year.