The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a multi-target event that focuses on present and future trailblazing science, both in academics and industry and on their impact on society.

The debates during the forum will stimulate social engagement and awareness on existing interconnection between innovation, science, technology within our every day and future lives.

The event involves two great interconnected units:

  • the ESOF Conference
  • the Science in the City Festival

Two different opportunities to spread your message to several audiences.

The conference (13-16 July) will be addressed to a technical audience of stakeholders in scientific, research, business, academic and media fields.

The Science in the City Festival, a public understanding event, (January– December 2022) is a great medium to disseminating and engaging the general public with a strong image return.

Being a part of ESOF means giving an important message to all of your stakeholders regarding your Company choice to position itself as an innovative, sensitive and conscious enterprise on the issues of sustainability.

If you consider that your Company/Institute can be valuable partner of ESOF2022, please ask for more information and let us explain you further what ESOF is all about.

You will benefit from a wide range of opportunities that will ensure that your Company engages the specific target audience you would like to reach.

Start by downloading our Partnership and Sponsorship Kit, use it as a guideline to build together a path to share our values with those of your company.

Our team is at your disposal to tailor-make your sponsorship in the forum with different levels of involvement according to your needs.

We would be more than happy to have a chat with you regarding the various possibilities.