Calling all Academic Institutions to Sponsor the Next Generation

Shout Out to Academic institutes – let young researchers join ESOF2022 

Especially in this year, the European Year of Youth, we want society and the academic world, to take advantage of every opportunity to engage the next generation of scientists and leaders. 2022 should be the year that brings about radical transformation for the scientific community and societies across the world. However, to be part of that transformation the future generation must take part in the conversations and debates on global complex issues first. ESOF2022 is where that is possible.  

Take a stand with Leiden University 

“It will not have escaped your notice that Leiden is European City of Science this year. But we don’t bear this title alone: we are celebrating the knowledge, expertise, and strength of European science with the whole European academic community. Therefore, as Rector of Leiden University, I am offering 25 of our students and young researchers a free ticket for the full ESOF programme, online and onsite. I hope many of you, our fellow academic institutions, will join me in this initiative and make tickets available to your young researchers/students. Then we can ensure that ESOF2022 truly is an event for the entire European academic community.”

Prof. Hester Bijl, Rector Magnificus of Leiden University 

We challenge other academic institutions and organisations to follow Leiden University’s example and sponsor their students and researchers so the next generation of academics can be part of the ESOF2022 experience.    

How to sponsor students and researchers 

Therefore, we call on all academic institutions and organisations to sponsor students, PhD’s, postdoctoral researchers, and young researchers so that they can participate at ESOF2022.
Professor Hester Bijl of Leiden University is already leading the charge! 

A ticket will give them free access to the entire ESOF2002 conference programme, not only onsite in Leiden, but also online via our premium virtual conference platform and mobile app. And all scientific content will be available online for up to two months after the conference. 

Including the next generation

ESOF2022 will be an outstanding learning and networking experience that will offer young academics and early-career researchers the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines and research and build connections with fellow academics.  

In the orange box below you can see what the Sustainable Academic Career track offers your talented students and young researchers.

We want to provide everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard so that they can have a say in shaping the world around them, especially young academics and early-career researchers, but we need your support.   

So, help us make them part of the transformational year of 2022, the European Year of Youth!     

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Sustainable Academic Careers Track of ESOF2022

ESOF2022 is a unique interdisciplinary, crossing borders, science-driven conference that connects participants across nationalities, gender, fields of study, and career stages. We advocate for inclusion and multivocality that will lead to the creation of insightful interventions that will generate impact and change throughout the world.   

Offer your students ESOF2022, a learning and networking experience  

Imagine how thrilling it would be to have a delegation of young scientists from all over Europe, and the world, in attendance (onsite or online) at ESOF2022. ESOF2022 features: