Keynote speaker: Didier Queloz

Didier Queloz, Nobel prize winner in Physics 2019 for his work on exoplanets, will be a featured speaker for ESOF2020 and the Science in the City Festival


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Keynote speaker: Iain Mattaj

A highly distinguished scientist in the field of RNA biology, the director of the Human Technopole is the first announced keynote speaker for ESOF2020.


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The Science in the City Festival takes shape

The Science in the City Festival is beginning to take shape, while it will be possible until 31st December 2019 to submit proposals to be included in the rich programme of scientific dissemination events that will animate Trieste from 27th June to 11th July 2020.

The new web site has now been online for a few days making it possible to see updates to the programme and, of course, up until the deadline, to submit new proposals for events to be added to the over 100 that have been received until now.

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Ocean sustainability, a challenge to be won

Editorial by Cosimo Solidoro

Oceans are a fundamental component of our planet and their contributions to human wellbeing is so large that cannot be overestimated. To provide few notables examples, they provide half of the oxygen we breath, mitigate current climate, buffer climate change impact and slow down its rate by adsorbing massive amount of heat and of CO2 from the atmosphere, offer foods, recreation, spiritual experiences, and inspiration for culture to many communities...

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The Blue Economy between education and research  

Interview with Francesca Santoro

The Global Ocean Science Report drawn up by the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission has shown that in maritime sciences actually about 38% of researches are women, around 10% more than in the other sciences in general…

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