About the Programme

ESOF2020 Programme

ESOF2020 will comprise several distinct programme tracks: 

  • A Science programme of seminars, workshops and debates on the latest research and related policy issues, structured around a programme of keynote speakers and the latest scientific issues. 
  • A Science to Business programme to create opportunities for industrialists, researchers, policy makers and business/academia support organisations to engage with one another, learn, network and debate the issues surrounding the exploitation of breakthroughs in science and share ideas and best practise for improving the commercial outcomes from research. 
  • A Careers programme to give insight into how the job market is evolving, what new opportunities are emerging, and provide the tools to understand how to develop a relevant and flexible skillset.  
  • Science in the City Festival is a public engagement programme which will begin two weeks before the official kick-off of the ESOF2020.
  • Other public engagement programmes.

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Sessions that explore the effects of science on human society and culture, and the governance of social, biological, physical and other assets and systems are encouraged, as are sessions that seek to address the facets of science as an international collaborative endeavour, for example funding and governance.