ESOF2020 Technology Transfer Service

Pre-Announcement ESOF2020
 Science-to-Business – Technology-Transfer Service 
Assessing the innovation potential of your research

Under the Science-to-Business pillar, ESOF2020 together with European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Trieste Area Science Park and the Ljubljana Technology Park is organizing a technology transfer service aimed at researchers and start-ups that will participate to the event.

In addition to a technology-transfer programme composed of relevant workshops/trainings and a fair, a call for expressions of interest for innovative business ideas stemming from research will open in February. A proposal template to respond to the call will be provided (see timeline below). Experts and committee members will evaluate the proposals that are received and provide feedback to the ideas/projects that are selected during clinics (confidentiality will be maintained). Particular consideration will be given to proposals from the Western Balkans and South East Europe regions.

These clinics will offer participants informal face-to-face meetings with technology transfer experts as well as support through professional software tools. The 20-minute sessions are designed to give attendants the opportunity to better evaluate their idea and to seek high-level tailored technology transfer advice for its possible exploitation.

February 2020

Opening of the call

April 2020

Deadline for submitting proposals

15 June 2020

The committee will allocate to selected ideas/projects an expert and a time slot. It will take your preferences and the times of your other booked sessions into account as far as possible.

6, 7 and 8 July 2020

ESOF2020 Technology Transfer Service



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