ESOF2020 Trieste FAQs

What is ESOF?

ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a unique framework for interaction and debate for scientists, innovators, policy makers, business people and the general public.

What is the motto of ESOF2020?

The ESOF 2020 motto is ʺFreedom for Science, Science for Freedomʺ. Freedom for Science refers to the open-ended and unresolved questions that science is facing, with method and curiosity, without restrictions of credo or prejudices.

Science for Freedom, on the other side, refers to the inclusiveness of science and its language, which goes beyond borders and conflicts and brings together people of any colour and gender

What kind of science will ESOF2020 look to highlight?

ESOF is an interdisciplinary forum, which seeks to showcase the full spectrum of scientific breakthroughs from a broad range of disciplines, including human sciences, as well as science in art and culture. The Science Programme will cover nine main themes, from the frontiers of physics to science diplomacy. 

Where will the ESOF2020 be held?

ESOF 2020 conference will be held in the extraordinary area of the Old Port (Porto Vecchio), which has been for decades the commercial port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is now an outstanding architectural and industrial heritage that the Trieste Municipality is redeveloping and requalifying.

Who are the people attending ESOF2020?

ESOF delegates typically include academics, early career researchers, innovators, educators, innovators, business leaders, journalists, and policy makers, from more than 90 countries.

What is the official language of the forum?

The forum sessions will be held in English. The Science in The City Festival will have a multicultural, multilingual approach, with events in several different languages.

When are registration going to open? How can I attend?

The registrations for media and attendees will open in December 2019, but you can submit your proposals for our science program, following the guidelines in the call for proposal sessions.

I have a question that’s not listed here.

For any other query you can use our contact page.