Exhibition Floor Plan

The ESOF exhibition offers delegates and visitors the best opportunities to explore the scientific community and what it has to offer, from the latest products and advancements in technology to places to sit back. 

Below you can find the provisory exhibition plans for the 3 levels of the expo. The booths in grey are already reserved pre-reserved, the plans are therefore expected to be modified.

If you are interested in taking part in the exhibition, please contact:


Provisory exhibition plan

Level Concorde

The Concorde area: The premium area, in a welcoming atmosphere you will meet the major European actors, have a dedicated space for poster session and a huge agora to exchange idea. In this Concorde area, we offer a unique opportunity to take part to in this major European event: ESOF 2018!

Level Caravelle

The Caravelle area: The business area 300 sqm of space welcoming the “Sciences to Business program”. The companies involved in this part of the exhibition will be able to exchange and present their activity

Level Ariane

The Ariane area: The international place more than 200 square meters of exhibition. A beautiful Exposition area where dynamic countries in the domain of science are presented. In the center of the village, the Agora, allows each country to offer a flash presentation.