ESOF2020 News

Research Day Italy-Slovenia

Research day Italy-Slovenia


April 16th, 9:30 to 16:30
Univerza v Novi Gorici / University of Nova Gorica

Bilateral meeting Italy Slovenia on the role of research in the society, with a deep look at the role of informatic infrastracture with an eye on High Performance Computing and the role of science communication and scientific events.

Promoting Health and Longevity through Diet: metabolic and molecular mechanisms

Life expectancy is constantly increasing in modern societies and with it chronic and degenerative diseases. Most of these diseases can be helped by lifestyle interventions, that have a significant impact on health at all age. Come explore the effect of diet and active aging with this lectur by professor Luigi Fontana, internationally reneknowed expert

Companies in the spotlight: Opportunities for science, business and careers at ESOF2020

Wednesday April 17, in Udine, as part of the  Friuli Innovazione Centro Di Ricerca E Di Trasferimento Tecnologico, a presentation will be held for businesses and companies to explain the opportunities that ESOF2020 has in store for them and the role they can play in the biggest general science and innovation forum in Europe. 


Quantum Game Café

Gamers, come over! 10 games from around the world for any taste: digital, card, board games, single players, and to play with friends.

Some make you feel like you are in a physics laboratory and with others, you might not even realize that there is some quantum physics hidden in the game mechanics.

Opening ceremony:16 April at 19:30!

From 16-19 April every evening from 19:30-22.30 you are welcome to play, chill out and, if you like, chat with our special guests - quantum scientists!


Sea & Health Conference Cycle - April 10

FISH: Ten rules for eating healthy and sustainably is the first stage of the "Sea and Health" conference cycle, as part of OGS Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale effort to explain the effects of seas on human health, and the effect of humans on sea health.

This first meeting will focus on overfishing, suggesting healty and responsible fish choices, with a ecosystemic approach to renowable marine resources. The event is free entry,but pre-registration is required.


Futura Trieste - Three Days for the National Plan For Digital Schools

Trieste, at the crossroads between the latin, german and slavic world, will be the stage for the next step in Futura. #FUTURATRIESTE, from April 10 to the 12, will be held at the Stazione Marittima and will host roundtables, debates, meet-ups, formative workshops, competitions on innovative teaching methods, and best practices from local schools. #FUTURATRIESTE is part of the proESOF2020 Initiatives on the road to ESOF2020 Trieste, and with them is a tool to push STEM, digital learning and innovation. 

Unesco Italian Youth Forum

The second international forum for young Italians entirely dedicated to the great themes of UNESCO will take place in Trieste from 5 to 7 April. The young members participating, between the ages of 18 and 35, will be the protagonists of the event, exchanging ideas, stimulating discussion and immersing themselves in the various UNESCO themes with the aim of focusing on the enhancement, development and transmission of the Italian cultural heritage.

Science in The City Festival: Science for All

In this interview Paola illustrates the main themes of the Science in the City Festival, how to participate and the impact of the event.

The Science in the City Festival is composed of three principles: the topic of the Conference of Scientists in ESOF, taken up thanks to the participation of some of the conference speakers; the legacies related to the excellence of the scientific system of Trieste and the region, for example theoretical physics; and finally, the great themes integral to the history of Trieste and part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, such as psychiatry, civil protection, karstism and caves, and literature...


Nine Challenges For The Future Of The Planet

ESOF2020 is centered on nine major themes that will be the back bone of the event. Bruno Della Vedova is responsible for the organization and Coordination of the Scientific Programme

Trieste Old Port: A unique location for a Special Event

ESOF2020 will be held in the extraordinary setting of Porto Vecchio, an area of 65 hectares within the city of Trieste. This area has been the commercial port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for decades and is now an exceptional architectural and industrial heritage site that the Municipality of Trieste is slowly renovating and redeveloping.