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Grand opening of EuroScience Open Forum 2020 Trieste

Grand opening of EuroScience Open Forum 2020


Welcome addresses were inspired by values such as knowledge and the sharing of know-how. Among the high-level participants were Cardinal Parolin, Minister Manfredi and Fabiola Gianotti



ICGEB Director-General, Lawrence Banks will present the studies that are being conducted at ICGEB, Italy using genome editing to identify novel therapeutics to specifically block cervical cancer growth and invasion

Quantum Technologies will shape the landscape of the next future

by Massimo Inguscio

Quantum Technologies, or technologies based on the second quantum revolution, represent a completely new way to transform and transmit information, which leads directly to the technology of tomorrow, where quantum limits will define the performance of industrial applications…

Robotics and artificial intelligence in the creative industry

by Giulia Basso 

Culture and the creative industry are coming to terms with the rapid proliferation of new systems and tools that are highly interconnected. Artificial intelligence, big data and robotics have entered a prominent place in the world and are proving very fruitful… 

From robotics to Big Data: technologies that will change our world

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, supercomputers and Big Data are breakthrough technologies that will play a pivotal role in the future of humanity and our planet. They will help us monitor public health, the environment and the medical sector.

The virus is here, it will not fade away

Interview with Ilaria Capua

by Lorenza Masè

Virologist Ilaria Capua will offer her welcome address during the ESOF2020 opening ceremony: “The virus is still here – she says - ,and it will remain here for a long time. Statistical projections suggesting its fading away are illusionary and misleading…

COVID-19 has a strong presence in the ESOF2020 programme

The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced the organisers of ESOF, the Euroscience Open Forum, to modify the original programme and adapt it to the new sanitary emergency. But it also presents a new opportunity of discussion among policymakers, scientists and economists.


COVID-19 and science policy at ESOF2020 Trieste

Only few more days until the kickoff of ESOF the major international scientific event

Five days away from the ESOF’s opening ceremony and after numerous changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the final programme is now available. The challenges of this moment have prompted the organisers to experiment with the event. So, the EuroScience Open Forum, the biennial forum that focuses on science, policy making and economics, will take place in Trieste from 2 to 6 September in both virtually and physically, with a rich programme, a large variety of topics, and an assortment of high-level speakers.

Overview of the Programme

The EuroScience Open Forum is the largest pan-European event focusing on debate at the interface of science, technology, society and politics. Created in 2004 by the non-profit association EuroScience, the biennial forum provides a unique opportunity for interaction and discussion among scientists, innovators, politicians, entrepreneurs, communicators and citizens. Trieste has been nominated European City of Science 2020 and will host the ninth edition of ESOF. The EuroScience Open Forum - ESOF2020 will take place from 2 to 6 September.

European Conference Of Science Journalism


The ECSJ2020 European Conference of Science Journalism organised by Science Writers in Italy (SWIM), will take place - in Trieste and online - on 1 and 2 September, right before the Euro Science Open Forum 2020."It will be a hybrid conference, fully available via internet, and we want as many colleagues as possible to be able to participate despite the difficult times we are continuing to live in" said Fabio Turone, president of SWIM and chair of the organising committee.