A Neuroscientist and a Behavioural Economist walk into a Bar

What can neuroscience teach us about marketing and business? What are the decision-making processes and biases that make us "predictably irrational", and how can we use this knowledge to improve our business choices and practices? 

World-renowned Experts Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University, and Moran Cerf, neuroscientist and business professor at the Kellogg School of Management and the neuroscience program at Northwestern University, will discuss these questions and much more in the first TEDx event hosted at Portopiccolo Sistiana.

Our ESOF 2020 Trieste Champion, Stefano Fantoni, will open the event, which you can also follow via Livestream on the Portopiccolo Sistiana Facebook page or on the ESOF2020 website.

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