Anti-Covid Measures


The spread of Covid-19 and the need to carry out measures in order to contain its effects, has resulted in a significant re-organization of ESOF by implementing rules in order to avoid gatherings which could be the cause of high risk of infection.

First of all, the Organization has decided to opt for the best available technology for virtual conferences which allows speakers and audience to interact from their locations. Furthermore, ESOF will turn to a “hybrid” system thanks to which some speakers will be on site and others will be home. The audience will be both on site and at home and the interaction between on site and virtual will be guaranteed.

This choice will result in a decrease of on-site participants in Porto Vecchio venue: according to a survey 70/80 sessions should be virtual out of the 160 proposed ones. The virtual sessions will be available fully digital and 40/50 should be hybrid which means that the audience will be mainly from home and a reduced number of participants will be on site.

This organizational measure allows to consider up to maximum 1000 people on site during the congress dates (instead of 4500 participants as previously foreseen).

The Auditorium for plenary sessions in HALL 28 which could accommodate a maximum of 1850 participants will be instead equipped in order to accommodate maximum 400 participants respecting the distancing of the seats as current rules will state.

Furthermore, the capacity of the other meeting rooms in TCC HALLS 27 and 28 for “hybrid” sessions (on site participants and simultaneous virtual sessions) will be reduced according to current rules.

Some “COVID Stations” will be located at the access points. There, body temperature will be measured, personnel in charge will check if participants wear their mask (if not, it will be provided), sanitize their hands and there will be access controls.   The Organizing Secretariat will place in each area of the congress venue one or more automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and participants will be strongly encouraged to use them.

The sanitation stations are made available by Idea Prototipi, some are equipped with a thermoscanner and gel dispenser, others with a double thermoscanner and can also be easily used by people with disabilities.

On site Participants will be divided in two categories:

  • Delegates taking part in sessions of ESOF 2020 scientific program in different meeting rooms. Registration will be online, and they will receive a specific badge;
  • Visitors of the exhibitions of Festival Science in the City will reserve their entrance online and they will have the possibility to visit the exhibition area once the staff allows to enter according to the limited and allowed number of people.

Despite the foreseen reduction of the overall congress area as well as the number of participants, the personnel in charge of security will be increased in order to monitor the flows and measures to be carried out.

Participants are invited to pre-register on the online portal because each participant will access only by showing the badge certifying the registration. All accesses will be tracked in order to keep the full list for at least 14 days.

On-site registration is strongly discouraged in order to avoid queues or gatherings at the Organizing secretariat desks and also to allow the Organization to manage at best the accesses according to the number of participants who already registered.

The event program and any other useful information for participants will be available on the APP that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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