Experts from across Europe discuss the sustainable governance of the Internet at EuroDIG, the first satellite event of ESOF2020

"Imagine the world without the Internet – 30 years ago society would have faced even more challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic happening right now" says Thomas Schneider, Swiss Ambassador and President of the EuroDIG Association, the organisers of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, the first satellite event of ESOF2020 Trieste.
"The Internet, as the underlaying structure, keeps up at least a minimum of our social and cultural life. Also, the economy is heavily dependent on a robust network. But we need to discuss constantly how it should be developed and governed in a way that it is for benefit of all.  Therefore, the overarching theme of EuroDIG is Towards a sustainable governance of the Internet".

Other than planned it will not take place as a physical meeting in Trieste but virtually with the support of ICTP – The International Centre for Theoretical Physics"Abdus Salam" in Trieste. From 5G to quantum computers, from social networks to cyber security, from questions on privacy and safety online to access to infrastructure: for three days, representatives from the academic world, the public and the private sector, governmental and political stakeholders  as well as Internet activists and the general the public will come together to discuss everything that rotates around of the fair and secure development of the Internet with a people-centered focus. Registrations are open at until 9th June

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