Famelab 2019 In Trieste

Famelab 2019 Logo

For the seventh year FameLab returns to Trieste: Wednesday February 27 local selection of the world’s leading science communication competition  will be held at 9:00 at the Teatro Miela. Contestants will have just 3 minutes to convey a scientific concept on stage in an entertaining style. They can sign up through this online form until February 19 2019.

Just like any other talent show the contestants will be judged on content, clarity and charisma of their presentation by a jury and the live audience.

The top two ranked of the Trieste edition will be awarded a monetary prize and a spot in the national finals in May 2019. They will also be able to join the Famelab Masterclass, a science communication training course that will be held in Perugia just before the finals, and the top contestant will be able to attend a class from at the Master in Science Communication “Franco Prattico” at SISSA in Trieste.

To help would-be contestant to be at their best, two lessons will be held at Polo di Aggregazione Giovanile E. Toti (in Via della Cattedrale 2) on Saturday February 16 and Tuesday February 19. For more information and to sign-up for this course: 040 224424, info@immaginarioscientifico.it

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