Not just Science: why ESOF 2020 is the right place for entrepreneurs and businessmen

Not just a conference for scientists and among scientists but also an event where the dialogue between science and business will be one of the topics at the centre of the discussion. This is ESOF 2020, the EuroScience Open Forum that will be hold next July in Trieste (Italy), an opportunity for companies to meet and debate with researchers, policy makers, journalists in order to foster innovation as a driving force for Europe.

Around 4,500 delegates from over 80 countries are expected to attend at ESOF 2020, which  programme covers three main themes: Science, Careers and Business.

The theme SCIENCE TO BUSINESS will explore the largest and more common challenges in the relationship  between research and business in different industrial sectors, amongst which: health; the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and chemical industries; finance; IT and telecommunications; engineering and new materials; energy; among others. The discussion will always maintain links with the SCIENCE themes, ranging from the Blue economy to Sustainable future, Smart cities, Big data and to other themes such as Live long and prosper, Nourishing the planet, science and society, science for policy and policy for science.

Within the theme CAREERS, those companies wishing to do so will have the opportunity to organise recruitment sessions for the many young researches or PhD students who traditionally attend the conference looking for potential changes in their career paths.

A novelty for this edition is the possibility to organise B2S (Business to Science) appointments in a dedicated area. Companies participating in ESOF2020 will not only have the possibility to set up their own stand inside an exhibition area of over 1,000 sqm but also to use a matching platform provided by Confindustria (the Association of the Italian Industrialists) through an agreement with FIT (Fondazione internazionale Trieste for freedom and progress in science) - the local organizers of ESOF2020 - to arrange individual meetings between companies and the people in charge of technological transfer in the main European institutions.

The 2020 edition of ESOF will take place in Trieste not only for its world-renowned scientific context, but also for its central position in the central European countries system with which it will be possible to open a preferential dialogue channel.

In 2020 in Trieste, what was once the old commercial port will come back to life, transforming itself into a “Port of Ideas” where political decision-makers, representatives from the world of business, scientists, researchers, communicators, and youngsters can generate cross-cutting synergies so that Europe can maintain its leadership in the near future, not only in the fields of professional development and research but also in those of innovation and technological transfer, in keeping with the new Horizon Europe (2021-2027) programme which envisages an investment of 100 billion Euros for Research and Innovation.

ESOF is therefore the right place for everyone to come to understand how research and innovation can make Europe the world leader in developing a sustainable economic growth.

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