Robotics and artificial intelligence in the creative industry

by Giulia Basso

Culture and the creative industry are coming to terms with the rapid proliferation of new systems and tools that are highly interconnected. Artificial intelligence, big data and robotics have entered a prominent place in the world and are proving very fruitful. 

These interactions will be the topic of discussion in the session called “Creative Explorations in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems”, which is planned for 5 September at 18:00.  The panel will be very diverse, with experts in fields ranging from the arts to  human sciences. This is also the topic of several art exhibits, taking place during the  Science in the City Festival, such as the Festival of Robotics, curated by Maria Campitelli, which will present cyborg creations by the notorious representative of robotics and mechatronics Stelarc, visible at Magazzino 27 of the Old Port of Trieste. Another exhibit at the Museo Carà in  Muggia, will explore several themes, from communication between different species to insects’ extinction to blockchain technology to big data.

The exhibit "Cyborn: The dawn of the artificial world" will be hosted at "Salone degli incanti", to explain how robotics and AI are going to change our world. The show, promoted and organized by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), in cooperation with Trieste Municipality, the Fondazione Internazionale Trieste (FIT) and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), will offer a special setting directed by Cameranebbia, an Italian artistic group that assembles interactive and highly technological placements, which use science to create art, and art to discuss science. 

The tour retraces the history of our relationship with technology and science, with reflections on the discoveries that changed our lives. These range from X-rays, which were discovered back in 1895, to the most recent robotics progress, with a special focus on the role that the human body plays in this field.

At the exhibit visitors will explore these topics through interactive and immersive tools and high-effect installations such as a robotic hand created by IIT, which examines and mirrors the movements of its user's hand. Another tool is a computer that is able to detect the facial expressions of a person and replicate them in a different context. The Salone degli Incanti itself will become an artificial scene, because of light tricks prepared by the artistic duo Quiet Ensemble.

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Courtesy of Il Piccolo

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