Rotary Club Trieste & ESOF2020: Host A Doc

The countdown towards ESOF2020 has begun: the EuroScience Open Forum will be coming to Trieste July 5th to 9th 2020.

It’s a very important achievement for the city, made more meaningful by the fact that it formally assigns to Trieste the role of “City of Science”, a monicker the city is often associated with due to the important presence of many prestigious scientific institutions. The scientific cosmopolitanism of Trieste and its hospitality are reflected in the “Host a Doc” initiative by Rotary Trieste, which is born by the fact that the most amazing discoveries and scientific progress itself are born by the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas.

The goal of “Host a doc” is revealed in the name of the initiative: the members of the Rotary Club Trieste will open their homes to host young researchers from disadvantaged countries, who otherwise would not be able to sustain the expenses to participate to ESOF2020, and will be welcome guests in the homes of Rotary volunteers. Moreover, thanks to an agreement between ESOF2020 and Rotary, these researchers will also be able to attend the event for free.

Solidarity, sharing, support: these are key words in the language of Rotary Club, and they guide the members towards humanitarian and social actions at the local and international level, be it through sponsorship of voluntary work in projects that help the personal and professional growth of young people.

 The agreement between Rotary Club Trieste and ESOF2020 was signed today, at the press conference for the “Host a Doc” initiative.

“Rotary decided to tie the ‘Host a Doc’ initiative to Pierpaolo Ferrante, one of our members, who prematurely passed away in 2018” said Rotary Trieste President Francesco Granbassi. “We worked side by side with Pierpaolo in the preparation of the dossier, and his effort was crucial for Trieste to reach the first place in the fierce competition to host ESOF and become European City of Science 2020. It was appropropriate, then, to honor his memory with an initiative of inclusion, solidarity and friendship, words that well represent the values he believed in. A heartfelt thanks goes also to Professor Stefano Fantoni, ESOF2020 Champion, for believing in the importance of Rotary’s proposal and for his work, alongside his stuff, to make this idea reality. In July we will open our homes to researchers from all over the world, and it will be a significant moment of sharing for all our members.”

“I want to thanks Rotary Club Trieste and his president Granbassi for this synergy, which works towards the goal of bringing young people closer to the world of research and the careers of the future, a goal that the initiative shares with ESOF” says Stefano Fantoni, ESOF2020 Champion “ Rotary club members represent, in a sense, how the citizens of Trieste care about this important event that Europe entrusted us with. I’m sure that Pierpaolo would have loved this initiative of sharing and openness that perfectly represents his way of thinking”.

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