Rotary Club Trieste - Host a Doc

Rotary Club Trieste initiative together with FIT – Trieste International Foundation for Scientific progress and freedom and ESOF2020 Trieste

The Rotary Club Trieste will host in its member's homes (room and breakfast provided) a maximum of twenty (20) PhD students, post doc and researchers, under 35 years old, preferably from the Eastern European countries or particularly poor countries (as defined by the list for 2019-2020 academic year provided by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), who will participate at EuroScience Open Forum, that will be held in Trieste from the 5th to the 9th of July.

Application process and deadline:

Candidates can apply through the online application form below, from the 28h of February 2020 to the 28th June 2020.

A reference letter of the tutor must be attached to the application form.

Candidates must have an injury insurance.

FIT and Rotary Club Trieste hereby disclaim any liability for damages, injuries or accidents might happen to the guests, during their stay at ESOF2020 and in Trieste.

Application Form

Please upload a letter of reference from your tutor. Allowed formats: PDF or DOC, max size: 2 MB

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