The Secret Libraries of Magazzino 26

Photo Courtesy: Giulia Riosa

The Magazzino 26 is one of the most suggestive buildings of the Trieste’s Old Port, approximately 30.000 sqm of a splendid warehouse dating back to the 19th century. Parts of it have been renovated and are now employed as a museum and an event centre, while the largest part has been yet left untouched and look like it did almost a hundred years ago. This unique location will be the setting of “The Secret Libraries of Magazzino 26”, a show/performance by the “Il Rossetti - Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia” theatre under the direction of Franco Però which will take place on the 22nd of August.

The audience will be moving through various rooms, while young actors sit at tables and read testimonies of the greatest scientific discoveries and the ethical questions related to them, from the most historical ones to the latest breakthroughs: Einstein’s theories, the first image of a black hole, the revolution in mental health care by Franco Basaglia, Galileo’s discoveries, artificial intelligence, space exploration, Ovid’s Metamorphoses and more. Walking through the rooms of Magazzino 26 visitors will listen to famous pieces, thoughts and work diaries of the people who made science come to life while images of destructive events are projected onto the walls. The experience will feel like walking through a great science library, destroyed by a catastrophe, while witnessing the efforts of people who work to study the past and rebuild the future, a symbol of our fragility but also our motivation to heal and thrive.

Students from local high schools and the University of Trieste will be the protagonists of the performance by lending their voices to narrate the history of science. Their enthusiasm is also the inspiration for the show, which is ultimately an elegy to the curiosity of younger generations that does not fade despite the constant crisis the world is going through. After dark times, such as the one we are currently experiencing on a global scale, there will still be hope if people still want to learn, discover and experience the world. Magazzino 26 is the perfect setting to bring this concept to life: in its long history it has survived many changes and conflict, along with the city of Trieste, and now after being abandoned for many years it’s finding a new life through science and culture.

The Secret Libraries of Magazzino 26 is realize with the support of MUR, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Comune di Trieste, FIT and Fondazione CRTrieste.

To attend the show it’s mandatory to book in advance, more information can be found at

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