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Call for tenders for the necessary set-ups and equipment rental for the organization of the events called "Maker Faire", "ESOF2020" (July 5-9, 2020) and "Science in the City Festival" to be held in the area of ​​the Old Port and in other urban areas of Trieste from 27 June to 11 July 2020.


Bando di gara per la realizzazione degli allestimenti necessari per l’organizzazione delle manifestazioni denominate “Maker Faire”, “ESOF2020”(July 5-9, 2020) e “Science in the City Festival” da tenersi nell’ area del Porto Vecchio e in altre aree urbane di Trieste dal 27 giugno all’11 luglio 2020.

PCO Services for ESOF2020

Invitation to present an expression of interest for the provision of the "PCO: Professional Conference Organizer" services for the organization of the event called "ESOF 2020" to be held in Trieste in July 2020. 
The International Foundation Trieste for the Progress and Freedom of Sciences, hereinafter referred to as "FIT", announces a market research aimed at identifying a subject to whom to entrust the PCO Service "Professional Conference Organizer" for the organizational management of the Conference and related events "ESOF2020" Conference (July 5-9, 2020) and the "Science in the City Festival" to be held in Trieste from June 27th to July 11th 2020.

Invito a presentare manifestazione di interesse per la prestazione del servizio “PCO: Professional Conference Organizer” per l’organizzazione della manifestazione denominata “ESOF 2020” da tenersi a Trieste nel mese di luglio 2020.
La Fondazione Internazionale Trieste per il Progresso e la Libertà delle Scienze, di seguito denominata “FIT”, bandisce una ricerca di mercato volta ad individuare un soggetto al quale affidare il Servizio di PCO “Professional Conference Organizer” per la gestione organizzativa del Congresso e manifestazioni connesse denominati “ESOF2020 Conference (July 5-9, 2020) and “Science in the City Festival” che si terrà a Trieste dal 27 giugno all’11 luglio 2020.
A tal fine invita tutti gli operatori del settore interessati, che dispongano dei requisiti minimi di seguito elencati, a manifestare il proprio interesse ad essere invitati a presentare offerta con le modalità che verranno loro successivamente indicate.

Frequently Asked Questions on the PCO Tender

With regard to the communication dated 8th July via certified electronic mail (PEC) rectifying the delivery date, the deadline of 12 pm on 26th July is not indicated. Could you please confirm that the 12 pm deadline has been exceeded?

The 12 pm (midday) deadline is confirmed.

What documentation is considered necessary and sufficient with a view to complying with Decree n. 81/2008 regarding safeguarding employees’ health and safety?

Compliance with Decree n. 81/2008 is demonstrated by the existence of a Risk Evaluation Document (DVR - Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi) and the appointment of a person in charge of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP -Responsabile del Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione) by the Employer in conformity with Art. 17, as well as by the documentation demonstrating compliance with the contents of the Risk Evaluation Document itself.

Guarantee to assign at least two English/Italian bilingual senior resources for the entire duration of the contract: do the names of the two people need to be indicated? Or is it sufficient to guarantee the presence of these people with said characteristics, without providing their details?

It is sufficient to commit to the undertaking. Further documentation may be requested, along with other information, in the case of successful contract award.

Point 4 of the evaluation criteria: please clarify the terms of comparison related to the improvement of the perception of the general experience by participants/speakers/guests.

Improvements to the general perception of the experience refers to the proposal and use of technological and other solutions that can improve communications, contact, and interaction processes with all those involved; between participants and secretarial services, between speakers and participants, between sponsors and participants, between institutions and participants, and vice-versa.

Please provide further details on point 9 regarding the elements under evaluation: in particular, what is meant, in this case, by resources and tools? Please confirm that we have correctly interpreted these to be simply reporting.

Resources and tools means the use of, amongst other dedicated software, technological applications, reporting and information-sharing tools to be made available to the organization.

With reference to the declaration signed by the legal representative certifying excess requirements, kindly confirm your potential appreciation of the content we would like to share under the “management of diversity” inside our company: % OF STAFF OVER 45, % OF FEMALE STAFF, TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT POLICIES, RELATIONS WITH TRADE UNIONS.  

“Excess requirements compared to the minimum values required for admission” refers EXCLUSIVELY to those listed in the call for expression of interest, i.e.:

- minimum 10 years of Company activity;

- presence in not less than 5 countries (Head Office, Branches or affiliates);

- minimum annual turnover of at least 10 million Euros in the last 2 years

- possession of Quality Certification;

- affiliation with at least 3 international organizations in the sector;

- having received at least 3 Awards of Excellence in the last 3 years;

- the presence of at least 25 multilingual staff resources;

- the presence of at least 3 staff resources in possession of CPM – CMM certification;

- proof of having organized at least 1 event with the presence of at least 2500 Delegates in the last 3 years;

- at least one event organised in Italy in the last 3 years.

Values that exceed these minimum requirements will be appreciated: e.g. 15 years of activity, presence in 7 countries, 20 million Euro turnover, etc.  No other conditions will be taken into consideration.

Envelope A – declaration confirming the opening of a current account dedicated to receipts and payments related to the captioned contract and the persons authorised to access it: please confirm that at this stage it is sufficient to issue a declaration that, in case of award, we will open a dedicated account.

A declaration is sufficient.

Content envelope b): project and technical documentation: what is meant by technical documentation? Is it sufficient to respect the specified parameters (QUALITATIVE SCORE TABLE) on page 5 of the del Tender Rules?

The envelope must contain, as indicated, an organic and thorough Project on how the bidder intends to carry out the PCO activity. Said Project will be evaluated by the Commission in conformity with the parameters indicated in the table on page 5.  For this reason, we suggested bidders draw up a synthetic final overview that highlights the contents of the Project, covering each of the 9 quality elements specified.

Paragraph 5.1 of the Tender Rules indicated the formula at the base of the evaluation of the economic score (PE – Punteggio economico): in particular, it states that PE = (40*Vmin/Voi). We understand the value “40” is intended as the maximum score and not a (fixed) multiplier.

If this interpretation is correct, could you kindly clarify which criteria or apportionment calculation (from 0 to 40) will be assigned to the score in the formula? In fact, the meaning of “value offered to carry out the service” on page 7 of the Tender Rules is not clear.

You have correctly identified a typing error: it should read PE= 30*Vmin/Voi, with 30 (and not 40 as erroneously indicated in the explanatory formula) being the maximum score for the economic offer, as in Table on page 5.

As a numerical example, comparing an offer from bidder A of 50  with one from bidder B of 100, and one from the i-th bidder of 75 :

Vmin. = 50, therefore:

Bidder A:  PEa = 30*50/50   = 30 points;

Bidder B:  PEb = 30*50/100 = 15 points;



Bidder i-th:  PEi = 30*50/75 = 20 points.

Are attachments to the Technical Report permitted?

No. The “Organizational Project: Technical Report” may only contain images or graphs but must remain within the 30 page limit.

Can you confirm that the 30 pages for the Technical report do not include the front and back pages?

No covers, or similar, are required for the “Organizational Project: Technical Report”.

Economic offer/fee: point 4.5 of the Tender Rules states the offer must indicate the lowest overall price. In Annex (point 5) we are required to indicate the fee for the management of the various services requested (”…Please provide a clear table with transparent costs.”). Could you kindly clarify how to structure envelope C Economic Offer?

The contents of envelope C for the Tender consist of a simple note signed by the Legal Representative indicating “the price offered for the PCO amounts to Euro … (number) ……. (words), equivalent to a discount of ……% (number) …….. per cent (words)“, with an attachment, for future use in the case of contract award, containing the bill of quantities or budget used by the bidder to calculate the costs “..a clear table with transparent costs.”

Can you confirm the 275,000 Euro starting bid is the maximum total fee and does not include the cost of the services managed?

The starting bid is the overall fee to be paid to the PCO to manage the services required (only as an example: guests’ travel and board expenses are not included but will be quantified subsequently in conformity with rules that will be established together with the organisation).

Will the communication of the economic offers and the ranking list be made in a public session?

As stated in point 4.2, page 3 , envelope C and the calculation of the overall score will take place in preliminary time limits, without the need for a public session, in that no subsequent negotiation phases are permitted. The evaluation and calculation results will certainly be made public, in a table, whilst the bidders’ “Organizational Project: Technical Report” will remain their property and may not be communicated to third parties by FIT.

Tender Rules – 5.2 Performance Bond: the Certificates that entitle the bidder ranked first to a reduction in the Performance Bond to be presented prior to drawing up the contract and within 10 days from request do not include the European UNI CEI ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification issued by accredited bodies as one of the means to reduce the Performance Bond under Art. 93, Para 7 of the Italian Public Contract Code.  Do you confirm that presentation of this certification is not envisaged under this procedure to reduce the value of the Performance Bond?

FIT is a private entity which, solely for the purpose of transparency, legality, and to safeguard free competition has decided to adopt a public tender process. In consideration of its purposes, FIT has exclusively privileged Certifications pertaining to environmental and social aspects, legitimacy and the protection of processed data.

Is it possible to use the ESOF 2020 logo in the documentation we will be presenting? Such use is requested solely for the purpose of referring to the specific event.

It is not necessary to use the ESOF2020 logo, nor to personalise the requested documentation in any way. Textual reference to the name is sufficient. Where renderings or illustrative images have been inserted, it is possible to use the words ESOF2020 LOGO as a substitute text.

Reading the “PCO SERVICES GUIDELINES DOCUMENT”, we understand the services required of the PCO concern the activity of coordination and management of the numerous activities listed in the tender and the personnel on site. Could you kindly confirm the cost of the personnel on site (so-called out-of-pocket expenses) do not have to be included in the economic offer required from the PCO and will, therefore, be calculated in a separate budget?

On-site out-of-pocket staff expenses, when volunteers are not used, (staff not part of the permanent team dedicated to the project by the PCO), may be accounted for separately from the all-inclusive figure for the coordination of all the activities. Reference figures for the use of on-site service personnel will be appreciated with a view to determining the quality of the service and cost savings.

Point 3.3 on page 11 of the Performance Specifications specifies the format (table) to be used to add references. Which envelope should this table be inserted in? If it is to be placed in ENVELOPE B,  should it be part of the maximum number of 30 pages?

It should be included in the “Organizational Project: Technical Report”, in the summary form suggested and counted in the 30 pages allowed.

As regards enclosing a USB stick (page 4 of the Tender Rules) containing the relative file, should it be sent with the Project? If so, how?

It should be included in envelope B

Regarding the questions concerning the content of the Tender Rules and Specifications, we would like to ask where these will be made public in anonymous form. Just to be able to make use of those submitted by others in order to dispel any other doubts.

Bidders’ queries and relative answers will be published on the websites and in the section tenders and notices.

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