ProESOF Project and Events


proESOF is an innovative project aimed to raise awareness towards the EuroScienceOpen Forum 2020 and to encourage cross-border cooperation and networking in the northern-Adriatic and beyond through the support of a wide range of events centered around natural and social sciences.

proESOF represents an innovative addition to the EuroScience format, and has had a wide resonance across North-Eastern Italy, Central-Eastern European countries and the Balkans. 

Structure and Management

proESOF is promoted and led by TESI - Trieste Encounters on Science and Innovation - a Committee of professionals from the Adriatic macro-region and lead by FIT - Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom of Sciences - and coordinated by FIT vice-president and ESOF Programme Manager Bruno Della Vedova. 

Overall, almost 600 submissions were received during the six call for proposals, starting February 2018 through December 2019, evaluated by independent referees, and curated by the 7 TESI sub-Committees. 250 submissions were specifically submitted for the Science in the City Festival to be delivered from July to September 2020 accompanying the postponed ESOF conference.

Each TESI sub-Committees is focused on a particular area of expertise and comprises 15 experts from scientific, cultural, economic and political institutions. A brief overview of the themes covered by the7 sub-Committees is given below: 

Science 2 Hard Science, Science 2 Medicine and Science 2 Humanities: focused on current and future path-breaking science, these subcommittees provide for keynote speeches and events, plenary sessions, workshops, roundtables and debates. They encompasses social sciences and humanities as well as physical and life sciences, engineering and medicine.  

Science to Policy: stakeholders, governments, scientists, industry and the general public in the North-East of Italy and in the south east European countries, were asked to cooperate in a joint effort to ensure reliable, evidence-based policy-making for the benefit of the society as a whole. Possible discussion subjects for this committee include the ethical use of scientific knowledge in addressing the great challenges that face humankind, the integrity of science, and science diplomacy in order to build peace and cohesion.

Science to Business: a unique platform in Europe to exchange ideas and good practices on research-driven business models, public private partnerships, the economic developments resulting from technological innovation, future careers and future “new jobs” opportunities. 

Science to Citizens: it aims to create a scientific citizenship for all and to promote the idea of science as fundamental to problem solving. All activities and events organized in this frame will inspire passion and a collaborative attitude in people, from the very young to the elderly, in order to build a sense of identity and ownership within the field of science.

Science to Communicators: aimed at building a solid network of science communicators active in different fields (from journalism to events organizing, from publishing to corporate communication) across Europe, with a special focus on the Triveneto region and the south east European countries.


Impact of the proESOF events

The supported events, many of which ongoing, include initiatives in Northeastern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Bosnia, Montenegro and other countries, aimed to enhance dissemination, education, networking and training among scientists, professionals, policy makers, entrepreneurs, media as well as the general public through a wide variety of formats, including exhibitions, science themed performances, interactive workshops, science cafés, lectures and participatory events. 

The communication of the proESOF events and the participation estimated in about 20 thousand people (before the covid-19 outbreak) show the increased awareness about science and innovation which are now on more crucial than ever.