Virtuous Agriculture, a new beneficial model for health & environment

September 5, 2020 4:15 - 5:45


The idea of Virtuous Agriculture is based on the delivery of a dual benefit: for the environment and for the human health. For the environment, through carbon sequestration and reduction of contaminants; for the human health, through product which are beneficial and protective against noncommunicable/nondietary diseases. It is clear today that there is a direct correlation between these benefits.

Virtuous agriculture begins with soil enrichment with organic matter, which allows to sequestrate greenhouse gases from the atmosphere; it increases bio-diversity, land vitality and fertility, making it more resilient to climate change, while less dependent on agrochemicals and able to produce foods which are delicious and at the same time rich in micronutrients beneficial to our health. To deeply study this correlation, a machine learning project is needed, able to put together and intersect agricultural data, nutritional and medical ones. To start the project, a shift in agronomical practices is fundamental: an open innovation network is necessary, where growers can provide information on how they produce, while this information is reaching both the research and scientific experts and the final consumer.

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