AAAS Late-Breaker COVID-related Session

September 4, 2020 6:00 - 7:30

Location: EuroScience Virtual Room


In the face of COVID-19, science—an intentionally deliberate process—has never needed to or been able to move so fast. And fake news has never been so dangerous. The novel coronavirus pandemic has required scientists, funders, publishers, and journalists to work at record speeds while upholding the gold standards of their fields—standards such as peer-review, reproducibility, verifications, transparency, and editorial processes.
The usually-long road from research priority setting, funding and collaboration scheme development, basic, translational, and clinical research, manuscript development, peer-review, publication, and further dissemination, has been condensed while an anxious global public awaits reliable, actionable information.
This session will explore how key players in science and scientific communication have maintained high quality while working at record speeds; what the coronavirus pandemic has revealed about the unique strengths and weakness of the systems in which they work; and
how to combat misinformation when lives depend on it.

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