Advancing Global Resilience and Fostering Cross-border Cooperation through Disaster Diplomacy Efforts

September 5, 2020 12:00 - 1:30


Disaster-related science diplomacy (disaster diplomacy) entails collaborations among disaster experts from various relevant disciplines and practices to address mutual challenges in disaster resilience, while simultaneously building and fostering peace between states where relations could otherwise be strained. Although examples of disaster diplomacy abundant throughout history, the term ‘disaster diplomacy’ is a phenomenon of the 21st century. Attempts to advance disaster diplomacy as a field of study as well as track two (citizen) diplomacy have been emerging in the last decade. Two main factors that continue to drive this trend are 1) the continuous increase of disaster losses around the world and 2) the realization by scientists and policymakers that drivers and impacts of disasters do not respect borders. Collaboration across state, disciplinary, and institutional boundaries is crucial in advancing global resilience. Disaster diplomacy takes many forms as it can originate at any of the phases of the disaster cycle, from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery. The panel will begin with world-leading experts in the field of science diplomacy and disaster risk reduction providing a brief overview of the evolution of disaster diplomacy over the past decades with special focus on recent developments. They will address the benefits and challenges of disaster diplomacy, as a field of practice and research. The panel will conclude with a moderated Q&A session and discussion with the audience.

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