Agriculture on the front line: what the world can learn from African Scientists

September 2, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


African farmers and researchers are on the front line of climate change, and
the world can learn from their experiences. Climate change and agriculture are
two sides of the same coin, and they both take place on a global scale.
Climate change is already affecting agriculture, whether it is through changes
in temperature and rainfall, shifts in pests and diseases, waning nutritional
quality of foods, or the loss of agricultural lands due to sea level rises.

Our panel will give a platform to key thinkers in agricultural research and
policy from across sub-Saharan Africa so they can impart their experiences
from the front line of climate change. We will examine issues such as
integrated pest management, resilience models for smallholder farmers, the
role of the private sector, and the promise of conservation agriculture.

The aim of the panel will be to generate recommendations about how the lessons
being learnt in Africa can inform agricultural practice and policy in the
west. We plan to follow up with concrete actions to give African researchers a
platform for their proposals, including through SciDev.Net, the world's
biggest news source looking at science in the developing world. SciDev.Net
will broadcast the panel live on social media.

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