Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability in Finance: who will run our money?

September 2, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


Since its earliest stages, Artificial Intelligence has found in Finance one of most prolific fields of application. AI technologies have been successfully adopted to handle financial issues, proving to be extremely efficient in processing huge amount of data and giving evidence of forecasting capabilities above any expectations. At the same time, Fintech algorithms and solutions have spread rapidly in our daily lives, redefining our approach to finance at different levels: from the securities trade on the financial markets, through bank internal procedures for loan approval, to the way we access to credit.

More recently, finance technologies’ accuracy and predictive capabilities have taken a step forward with the inclusion of non-traditional data sources. The integration of financial data, (such as companies’ balance sheet, bank account performances, mortgage amounts, and so on) and alternative data (from daily news and social media insights to satellite and geolocation data generated by sensors) allows AI-based algorithms to provide highly relevant results and to identify the best suited-strategy. Algorithms follow a principle of similarity, which means current elements are associated with the ones previously checked and stored.

The compound of science, finance and technologies improves companies’ workflow and management, allowing decision-makers to adopt ethic investment strategy in terms of sustainability: Artificial Intelligence reduces error probability, saving resources and money and cutting down waste in the manufacturing process.

During the workshop world-class experts, from both academic research environment and financial institutions, will show some of the most interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data methodologies in finance. The seminar aims at exploring what Artificial Intelligence really is, its disrupting effect on finance, and the challenges regulators will face in the upcoming future.

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