Beyond the Lab: Career Paths between Science and Policy

September 4, 2020 6:00 - 7:30


The purpose of the session is to trigger a discussion on alternative career opportunities for professionals with a scientific academic background. The aim is to raise awareness for interesting career paths on the interfaces between the areas of Science and Policy. How diverse can be the job portfolio for the scientists? What are the challenges for each career path? Are there intersections in these paths? Which is the social and scientific impact of each career opportunity? Addressing global challenges needs creative professionals with scientific background and complementary skills to bridge towards the social spheres of policy making and delivery. Professionals need to make sure that the scientific evidence reaches the right stakeholders in the right format. The partners of the S4D4C Horizon 2020 project analysed several cases where science diplomacy was crucial. Together with EFSA, the EU Regulatory Authority for Food Safety, the session will present interesting cases of scientific career paths which bring together Diplomacy, Policy and Academia. How each of them and all of them together can promote Science? Which is the impact to the Society? The working environment is changing fast and everybody in the job market has to adapt to acknowledging that;

• The expectations of the employees have changed. People want to have a portfolio of experiences and to satisfy their inner need for creativity. • The salary is not per se the highest motive when selecting an employer. On the contrary, the attractiveness of the company, its brand, its social impact can influence more the final choice.

• Organisations cannot be the unique owner of the knowledge so they need to look for partners and to better use their network.

• Keeping employees satisfied and offering them an opportunity to contribute to their science and to the society is a key element for keeping also productivity high.

• Career paths inside as well as outside academia are insecure and changing, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are needed and on the interfaces to other areas new job profiles that have not existed a few years ago open up. Join the session and learn more for interesting career paths!

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