Big Data meets Big Theory: the dawn of a new scientific method?

September 2, 2020 11:00 - 11:45

Location: Room 28H


We argue that the most extravagant claims of big data (BD) are in serious need of a critical revision, in view of a few basic lessons learned from the science of complex systems. We also point out that, once the above claims are suitably discarded, the synergistic merging of BD with BT (Big Theory) offers the exciting opportunity to spawn a new scientific paradigm, capable of overcoming some of the most challenging barriers confronted by the scientific method originating with Galileo, namely, non-linearity, non-locality and ultra-dimensions. As a relevant example in point, we shall present preliminary results on the synergistic coupling of large-scale molecular dynamics of biological molecules with machine-learning techniques borrowed from the high-energy community. This effort is part of a joint project between the CompBioMed consortium and the CERN against-Covid initiative.

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