Building BRIDGES: Big Research Infrastructures for Diplomacy and Engagement through Science

September 3, 2020 12:00 - 1:30


The concept of science diplomacy has become very popular in past years. However, the term still remains rather ambiguous and still needs to be conceptualized in practical operations. Large international research infrastructures and organizations have been operating in the science diplomacy space since their very foundation and are thus very well equipped to play a leading role in advancing science diplomacy. To this end BRIDGES has been founded in 2019 as an open and informal network of professionals dealing with science diplomacy and international relations in large international research infrastructures and organizations. This includes both global infrastructures as well as infrastructures operating at a continental or subcontinental scale, regardless of their legal setup or thematic or geographic scope. The main purpose of the network is to create a community of practitioners who work in the science diplomacy space on a daily basis. The network serves as a platform for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices, to develop common strategies, to help each other, and to make shared use of each one’s strengths. For instance, due to its location or engagement history one research infrastructure may serve as a “door opener” for another one in providing access to a specific policymaker. Research infrastructures should also team up for providing capacity-building in the field of science diplomacy. The session will serve to introduce the BRIDGES network and to discuss with the audience how to strengthen the linkages between international research infrastructures and the wider science diplomacy community in order to advance the global dialogue about the support science can provide to foreign policies and international relations.

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