CONNECTOR - Combining Scientists & Citizens for Ocean Research

September 2, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Virtual Room 2


The Ocean is an essential component that help support life on Earth and our current understanding of humanity’s impact on its state has led to the urgent need to develop efficient ways to sustainably use its resources. Only by doing so can we continue to improve human well-being while sustaining marine systems, thereby helping address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Given the necessity to make urgent and conscientious decisions informed by science, we believe the active participation of society in marine research has the potential to increase data collection on a timely manner and raise public awareness and engagement in marine sciences. The session will continue the discussion about public engagement in marine scientific research through citizen science approaches. These have been identified as having significant potential to contribute to the understanding of the marine environment and may lead to positive outcomes related to policy changes, education, community relations, management,and research. The session intends to integrate a panel discussion format with active public participation. Invited expertswill presenttheir case-studiesand experienceusingcitizen-science approaches and amoderated discussion will follow, where the public will be able to pose their own questionswhichwill be collectedusing appropriateQ&A tools. The goal is to provide ground for an open discussion about the potential for public participation in marine sciences through direct collaboration with researchers as well as to motivate scientists and students to consider citizen science in future projects.

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