Creative Explorations in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems

September 5, 2020 6:00 - 7:30

Location: Virtual Room 3


The rapid proliferation of highly-interconnected intelligent systems and devices has produced major transformations in many sectors of industry and commerce, education, entertainment, communications, etc. But these developments also introduce difficult ethical and social challenges for designers, operators, and users of these autonomous systems, which have received relatively scant attention outside academia.
Given this background, it is important to examine what type of longterm AI research framework is needed for exploring and implementing comprehensive sensitivities – such as emotional expression, moral agency, cultural awareness, etc. – in autonomous machines and intelligent systems. From a historical perspective, we should use insights from previous technological revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries to inform the ethical, social, legal, scientific and industrial strategies of modern communities and stakeholders.
And, looking to the future, we need to study emerging developments in areas like augmenting individual and group cognitive performance and ethically-aligned design of human-centered AI, which can be used to inform global policy-makers, educators, and thought leaders on sustainable strategies for future research investments. Our proposed panel will bring together international researchers and practitioners from broadly different disciplines in arts, humanities, and sciences to address these topics.
ESOF2020 offers an ideal context in which to exchange insights and visions with a particularly European focus. It presents an invaluable opportunity to assemble an interdisciplinary group of experts, to advise and inform decision makers in business and government on these crucial topics. We aim to develop a wider network of European specialists, educators, and public stakeholders, who can help guide future developments in this important field.

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