Drinkable Water network resilience in a Regional Climate Change Framework

September 3, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Room 27B


Climate changes, pandemic diseases, migrant flows are generating strong difficulties to regional Authorities involved in the management of drinkable water all over the World. Since the knowledge of macro events, is covered by several studies, expert’s symposium, etc., a local approach to such strong framework changes needs to be studied in deep, facing directly citizens expectations, standards of way of life with objective physical and geological impediments, temporary or continuing.
During this roundtable, some experts from the Academic world and from the utilities one, will describe their experience, done with a shared responsibility in the analysis of each particular and local management condition, to reach a more effective regional approach to face up to critical conditions in the catchment, treatment and distribution of drinkable water to citizen due to climate changes, floods events, long dry periods and other critical situation.
The fact that each utility involved in this project, has a specific and historical asset and management style, a different financial and regulatory model, but, driven by a common goal, permits to track an effective case study to be shared with the global community, in the meaning to give an original and applicable method funded on scientific, political and social bases. The presentation will also cover the problem of drinkable water supply State Borders where, different administrative and national regulation make more difficult the solution of temporary structural crisis.

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