Inclusion and gender diversity in research environments: a little less conversation, a little more action please

September 4, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Virtual Room 2


For a long time, the prevailing attitude towards gender diversity in research among researchers and policy makers was that good research is ‘neutral’. That is, it should not matter what the gender, gender identity or sexual orientation of the researcher is, and studies irrespectively are ‘neutral’. These beliefs have now been challenged by extensive scientific evidence, which shows that inclusion and gender diversity in research in reality are hindered by extensive hidden conscious and unconscious biases.

To set the tone for the session, two experts will share data on existing biases, progress that has been made and remaining barriers that need to be overcome. Following this introduction they will be joined by three panellists; an EU-LIFE coordinator with expertise in institutional change as a driver for gender equality; a senior researcher at the University of Oxford who contributed to the ‘Male Champion of Change’ initiative that looked at Australia’s strategy to engage influential men to accelerate gender equality; and a pioneer of the training course LGBT+ inclusive learning environment at Cardiff University.

The panel will discuss and take questions on existing drivers, progress that has been made and remaining barriers that need to be overcome to achieve inclusivity in research. A scriber will capture the outcomes of the discussion so that these can be formulated as a set of recommendations for European policy makers, funders, and institutions.

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