Open innovation: a key driver for decarbonizing ships and shipping

September 2, 2020 12:00 - 1:30


Decarbonizing ships and shipping is a challenging task that cannot be accomplished by a single player alone. An entire supply chain that today is tasked with designing and providing HFO and MFO powered engines and power generators need to be re-designed to introduce new components enabling greener ships and maritime infrastructures. The maritime voyage towards the zero emission ship is just started and the challenge for the industry is to accelerate innovation and create the components and engineering tools that are not yet available, ensuring at once compliance with safety regulations that are being just drafted, technical feasibility and economical viability. Open innovation is THE cooperative model that can enable the industry to tackle this challenge.

The panel, hosted by Fincantieri Research and Innovation VP, will bring together different players that are part of our innovation ecosystem and contributing to increase our readiness for producing a zero emission ship.

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