How sensemaking allows us to make sense of the misinformation crisis?

September 4, 2020 4:15 - 5:45

Location: EuroScience Virtual Room


In a world of misinformation, controversy and fake news it is essential to better understand the relationship between science, society and the social issues we are confronted with.
Sensemaking is the fundamental way by which we develop an understanding of a complex reality. It involves continuous interpretation by means of telling stories about the world around us. These stories are often situated in the context of particular places, organisations, communities or cultures. Making sense of the complex reality of science and science-society issues is not an easy task; particularly given the large volumes of information presented digitally online and the implications it has on the amounts of misinformation out there.
The RETHINK project uses sensemaking practices to study this relationship and invites participants to an online workshop exploring its processes, open question and results so far. It will start with an introduction on sensemaking, including practical examples and case studies as well as an overview of training programmes and how sensemaking could be embedded into the training of science communicators. The workshop will end with a participatory part giving participants a chance to discuss and try out sensemaking in practical contexts.

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