How to capture the entrepreneurial potential of women? Approaches in business and education to boost an entrepreneurial mindset

September 5, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Auditorium 28A


Working as entrepreneur is getting widespread in Europe, however, we still meet differences among countries, gender or fields. Our session will foster an interactive discussion about the importance of entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions and in businesses, focusing especially on potential female entrepreneurs. The relevance of the focus is deriving from the fact that men are 2-3 times more likely to start a business than women and entrepreneurship education does not deal with possible hindrances of women and strategies to overcome.
Our session will be based on the experiences of ifempower, a project which supports interactive and mentorship based FEMale emPOWERment in the field of entrepreneurship. ifempower aims to empower female students from any fields of higher education to get engaged in entrepreneurship by reinforcing their high-level soft & transversal skills. To do so, a curriculum and teaching material of an international module was developed based on the exploratory study, and piloted in four different European universities backed by a mentorship program.
The speakers are coming from different axes of the quadruple helix, having diverse expertise and experiences in the topic. Apart from ifempower, other projects and initiatives will be showcased to present possibilities of entrepreneurial education and training in institutions and in business. With their support, the session under the theme “Entrepreneurship Education” will enhance the exchange of best practices and knowledge between relevant stakeholders but all concerned with the topic of entrepreneurship. Interactivity will be provided by using the method fishbowl conversation.
Our expectation is to raise awareness on the importance of entrepreneurial training, but also to discuss and transfer potential good practices. By doing so, training of entrepreneurial mindset will contribute to boost innovation throughout Central Europe."

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