How to save the world! – Achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability through innovation

September 5, 2020 10:15 - 11:45

Location: Auditorium 28A


The global pandemic is just the latest reminder of how precarious our life on earth can be and the recent lessons we have learned about climate change and the impact of plastics on our oceans are dramatic indicators of the damage our current way of life is doing to the planet we depend on for our existence. Some say we should abandon immediately all damaging practices even if this means a return to the Dark Ages. Others deny that there is a problem and say we should blindly carry on. The truth is that we face an enormous series of problems but that each of them presents us with an opportunity for change and that means an opportunity for development and growth. Innovation is not the problem, it can be the solution. We shall hear from a series of experts who will address the role of innovation in responding to these challenges to build a brighter future based on social, economic and environmental sustainability and thus save the world!

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