Innovation in times of COVID-19

September 3, 2020 6:00 - 7:30

Location: Room 27A


The current pandemic has brought up a global state of emergency/alarm, acting as a strong driver of innovation and entrepreneurial activities to face the immediate challenges. Large enterprises have redirected their work to develop diagnostic tests for the novel coronavirus, new start-ups have emerged with digital health solutions to offer virtual care and track the spread of the virus. Hubs, venture partners and investors also play a crucial role by driving the innovative processes with funding support.
This session uses COVID-19 as a context to explore how innovation looks like from a business and technological transfer point of view. What is successful innovation and what are the steps and barriers faced along the way? How can we exploit innovations and proposals derived from this pandemic as tools to be used to increase emergency preparedness for future threats?
Representatives from large enterprises, start-ups, venture partners and/or investors will give a short overview of the challenges faced (from their own perspective) and then provide the theme for the main discussion as part of the event. This session examines how innovation and entrepreneurship are key to human progress and how the pressure exerted by unforeseen situations can result in impactful solutions.

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