Technology transfer and collaboration

September 4, 2020 11:00 - 11:45

Location: Room 27A


Research and innovation are powerful drivers of a nation’s progress, both in terms of social progress, health and wellbeing of its citizens, and in terms of economic growth. One of the ties between research and innovation is the promotion of technology transfer, which is fundamental for translating research into development, spreading benefits and promoting economic growth.

Inside a research organisation, professionals with highly specific skills are required both in science and in business development. Human Technopole's training activity will also be dedicated to the dissemination of technology transfer skills as well as to spread a culture in academic research environments that favors the commercialisation and translation of discoveries into practical applications, so as to stimulate innovation in the field of life sciences in a broader sense.

Outside a research organisation, collaborations play a key role. An important part of Human Technopole's activity is dedicated to establishing relationships and collaborations with other members of the Italian and international scientific community. Human Technopole has started to establish collaborations with partners from different sectors - industrial, academic, research and clinical - to develop and strengthen the life sciences sector and produce value both in terms of knowledge and economic repercussions for the whole country system.

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