Recent progress in artificial intelligence: what impact on science and on society?

September 6, 2020 11:00 - 11:45

Location: Room 28H


By now, everybody should know that Artificial Intelligence is about to produce a dramatic impact on many sectors of human activity. In the last ten years, thanks to the development of machine learning in “deep networks”, we have experienced spectacular breakthroughs in key applications such as automatic interpretation of images, speech recognition. Most importantly, algorithms are now competing with the best professionals at analyzing skin cancer symptoms or detecting specific anomalies in radiology; and much more is to come. Worrisome perspectives are frequently raised, from massive job destruction to autonomous decision-making “warrior” robots.

In this talk, we shall open the black box of deep networks and explore how they are programmed to learn from data by themselves. This will allow us to understand their limits, to question whether their achievements have anything to do with “intelligence”.

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