Leveraging evidence for policy development and health intervention: results from the European Joint Action on Health Information

September 4, 2020 12:00 - 1:30


The importance of leveraging high-quality evidence to inform best policies and practices has been widely recognized by the World Health Organisation and (inter)national health agencies. Growing societal challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance, the rise of non-communicable diseases, and changing demographics require international cooperation in data sharing, and analysis. Moreover, ensuring equitable access to evidence by key stakeholders, such as decision-makers, practitioners, and advocates, is primordial to drive health issues on the political agenda that are in line with the expectations of citizens.
Yet, an uneven evolution of data collection practices across countries implies differences in the availability of data for policy development and intervention. Furthermore, in many European countries, there are numerous obstacles for the translation of evidence into action.
This workshop aims to provide a clear understanding of strategies that can support the collection, dissemination and use of evidence at national level and in the European context. Lessons learned from 28 countries within InfAct, the European Joint Action on Health Information will inform the session. Panellists from national public health agencies will present solutions supporting the transfer of evidence into policies and practice.
The objectives are:
1) to empower delegates with a working knowledge on how to access public health information for policy development and advocacy in EU-Member States;
2) to propose and co-create with delegates innovative pathways for better data sharing, knowledge translation and decision making.
Building bridges between science and society is at the core of health promotion and prevention. The session will have an outcomes-oriented approach based on interactive exchange with the delegates and online voting. Dialogue on potential pathways to activate health information for action will inform concept maps drawn out during the session by the organizers.

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