Networking Western Balkans R&I community towards success

September 4, 2020 2:30 - 4:00

Location: Virtual Room 3


The presentation of Western Balkans (WBs) research excellence has contributed to raise the participation in FP/H2020 projects but in many cases with marginal roles. Modern and impacting research requires more interactive and interdisciplinary communication skills as well as inputs from different areas of expertise. Every scientist and researcher can be a promoter of scientific information provided that learns how to communicate own message effectively so that it is clearly understood.In such a framework, the networking event aims at generally showcasing WB excellences and to support collaboration between research organisations and different research communities. The objective is also to foster interconnections between regional ecosystems.The networking shall contribute to increasing reputation of WB scientific potential as well as awareness of the achievements of the WBC R&I community towards European interested stakeholders.

Organized by: International Service Facility of EC DG Research and Innovation (Austria)

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