Open research infrastructure in science and innovation policies studies: a journey within RISIS and its datasets

September 4, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


How to monitor the progress of new sciences when frontier research becomes a policy priority and exceeds disciplinary borders? Is the delineation of national level actors still relevant if 200 multinational firms dominate the half of world industrial R&D? Can we consider universities as similar when in Europe 200 of them represent 80% of European university publications? We would like to address these policy questions which involves the future innovation systems using RISIS resources during a virtual panel.

RISIS, a Horizon2020 project, wants to promote an open data research infrastructure in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation studies, to provide new policy evidence, following actors in different sources and geocoding addresses of organizations, their authors and inventors.

RISIS has 13 datasets plus two Registers on Universities, research organizations and firms, which provide information on three key dimensions: actors, geography and themes. Data can be used freely as in KNOWMAK a tool open to all the users to have fast and quick information science in Europe by topics, actors and places.

Participants can discuss RISIS multidisciplinary approach including new datasets under development, dealing with sensitive issues as social innovation, PhDs careers and policy mixes.

The role of Open Science in further integration of STI community is a further topic to be discussed. RISIS provides to its users a “Virtual Research Environments”, enabled by the incorporation of D4Science resources, in order to contribute to the Open Science as a Service.

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