Patient outcomes: a means of rebuilding trust and catalysing health reform?

September 5, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


Outcome-based and patient-centric approaches are moving into the mainstream of health systems, thanks to new opportunities arising from digitisation, information technologies and big data. Outcome information (medical + non-medical) is increasingly used by healthcare providers, payers and patients to make more integrated, holistic decisions about the most suitable care or treatment. Standardised measurement tools from e.g. ICHOM and the OECD now cover many disease areas, making it possible to gather unprecedented data on what works and what doesn’t. This potential paradigm shift also invites new models of collaboration between public and private actors. It implies greater transparency and cooperation between pharmaceutical companies, payers and hospitals towards mutually agreed targets. Performance – as defined by long-term patient outcomes – may start to replace profits & costs as the key factor in determining societal value creation. And ultimately, outcomes-based policy and practice may inspire a rethink of R&D and business models throughout strategic health value chains.Arguably, without greater trust between stakeholders, health systems reform will remain complex and difficult to achieve. This session will convene an in-depth discussion between key players in the field, addressing various questions about how we might collectively move the agenda forward:

What further real-world evidence will inspire change in ‘business and policy as usual’?
How can different health sectors reframe R&D around patients and outcomes? What does that imply for current business models?
How can health industries increase awareness and tell better stories about their scientific mission, vision and achievements?
What are the critical issues around patient data ownership, access, sharing and privacy in the age of GDPR?
Can outcomes-based approaches help to redefine value beyond pure ROI? Will this change the perspectives of investors and shareholders?

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