Perspectives on science-related fake news among young people in Central-Eastern Europe and Italy

September 4, 2020 10:15 - 11:45

Location: Room 27B


The roundtable will deal with the results of a survey cocerning perspectives on fake science news among undergraduate students in Central-Eastern Europe and Italy. Fake news is today a hot topic, which is of course a global phenomenon, but may also have an impact on how new and old democratic societies in Central and Eastern Europe present and teach scientific achievements and innovation in their education system. The topic of fake news has been extensively studied in politics but surprisingly enough no study has dealt with the fake science news. The participants of the roundtable including a keynote speaker (t.b.d.), two members of the European Parliament (t.b.d.) and two members of the research team will discuss the report written on the basis of results opening the space for finding solutions to the problems revelaed by the research.

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