Plan S and Open Science – are we on the right track? Part 1

September 4, 2020 2:30 - 4:00


cOAlition S, a group of research funding organizations, aims to mandate full and immediate Open Access to research publications starting January 2021. cOAlition S will implement their strategy, known as Plan S, by requiring that all publicly funded research is made immediately available with full reuse rights in open access journals, platforms or open repositories. The aim of this double session is to discuss Plan S in a broader Open Science perspective, and to review the current status of Open Access six months before the implementation of Plan S.

Part I: Plan S and Open Science policy:

Since the first signals of Plan S (at the ESOF conference) in 2018, the need for wide and rapid sharing of research results has taken on a new urgency, particularly following the COVID-19 outbreak. Are existing policies sufficiently strong and concerted to bring about the necessary changes in open science? What are the main barriers to achieving open knowledge systems and cultures?


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