Protection of marine habitats and reduction of CO2 along coastal areas: scientific and social aspects

September 4, 2020 2:30 - 4:00

Location: Room 27B


The EU 2014-2020 programming period has supported a series of innovative projects to establish reference frameworks and concrete measures for the protection of coastal habitats in the Adriatic, attempting to quantify their natural capital and to evaluate actions for their conservation and sustainable use, also harmonizing approaches at cross-border and inter-regional levels.

The experiences from such projects can be appropriately re-proposed in other Mediterranean and Atlantic contexts, in order to intervene in the fight against coastal erosion, the loss of coastal wetlands and biodiversity, through safeguard activities, repopulation and the positioning of eco-friendly buoy systems. Similar approaches may also concern areas of natural and conservation interest, adjacent to port contexts with considerable traffic and/or particularly impacted, as Hamburg, Nantes and Varna, beside port systems of the Northern Adriatic and the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea.

It also needs to be kept in mind to raise awareness among the various stakeholders and the general public, on the need to make the use of coastal resources increasingly sustainable and to implement strategies for adaptation to climate change. Especially, knowing that these environmental issues can certainly benefit from the contribution and collaboration of the various social actors in the area.

The conference aims to develop a debate on the methods and forms of these interventions within the scientific community, including the competent public managers and - last but not least - involving the general touristic public.

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